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About Us

I am an unusual Chartered Accountant. That is, I have a passion for helping clients achieve the best outcomes. Strangely (for an accountant) I’m an excellent communicator, highly organised and work hands-on with clients, I love helping generate wealth and streamline their processes. Being a results orientated person I enjoy incorporating new technologies into businesses to increase efficiencies and harness opportunities for my clients in this ever-changing world of finance. 

I strive to do the best in all I do, that is to lead with compassion, help others to be the best they can be in business and to create wealth for my Friends Partners, and Clients. I am Married, with children, and still, make it a priority to assist others and contribute to the greater community by being involved in not-for-profit organisations who provide resources, help mentor and facilitate individual growth. 

I am also the director of a Boutique Derivative Fund Manager that is focused on achieving high rates of return that are normally not available investors due to the capital, risk monitoring protocols, experience and knowledge required to successfully trade derivatives. I provide an opportunity for Clients who would not normally have the investor sophistication to deal in this market to increase their personal wealth significantly.