Tax Questions in Australia: An Insight from ChatGPT AI

In our era, the intersection of technology and taxation is profoundly reshaping how nations handle fiscal responsibilities. In Australia, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) by theAustralian Taxation Office (ATO) marks a significant leap forward. The ATO’s use of AI has unlocked extraordinary efficiencies, identifying over $530 million in unpaid tax bills and thwarting $2.5 […]

Income Tax: Understanding the Changes and Maximising Your Returns

Are you ready to navigate the complexities of income tax and make the most of the recent changes? As leading experts in the field, National Accounts is here to provide you with invaluable insights and strategies to optimize your tax returns. Whether you’re an individual taxpayer, business owner, or corporation, our comprehensive financial solutions are […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Australia is impacting SME businesses, positioning for growth and innovation

‍‍The advent of artificial intelligence technology is revolutionizing the global business environment, offering a plethora of advantages for streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and delivering unparalleled customer experiences. In the realm of Australia’s SME sector, AI is igniting a new wave of innovation and expansion. Despite this, a substantial segment of SMEs in Australia has yet […]

Tax Deductions Your Small Business Should Be Claiming in 2024

Are you a small business owner, and wondering what tax deductions you can claim in 2024? Don’t wait until tax season, start preparing your business now to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the benefits available to you. Follow this guide to find out what you can and can’t claim back at tax time.    […]

SMSF Accounting Services For Entrepreneurs

Running a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) can be a rewarding endeavour, giving you more control and flexibility over growing your retirement savings. But an SMSF is a complex structure that requires careful management to make sure you’re following your compliance requirements, while also getting the biggest bang for your buck. Our experienced SMSF accountants work alongside […]

How to File Taxes for Your eCommerce Business in Australia

As an ecommerce store owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From sourcing products, driving traffic to your store, answering customer enquiries, and more, it can feel like you’re working 10 jobs at once! But there’s another important job that often gets pushed to the side… managing finances and of course, doing your taxes!  […]

Should You Access Your Superannuation Early? – The Pros & Cons

Generally speaking, superannuation in Australia must not be accessed until you reach your applicable preservation age and retire from the workforce. That said, there are certain circumstances that permit you to access funds from your superannuation early. In this guide, we’re unpacking the pros and cons of accessing your superannuation early, and what the implications […]

Capital Gains Tax on Investment Properties

One of our key focuses at National Accounts is to help you maximise the tax benefits you’ll receive on your investment property. Among other things, you can get hit for capital gains tax if you turn a profit on your sold property. To help you minimise or even completely avoid paying capital gains tax on […]

How to Plan for the Next Financial Year

A new financial year is an opportunity for individuals and businesses to focus on their tax planning efforts. The better you plan, the easier it is at tax time – for you, and your accountant. The tax planning process Tax planning differs from standard tax compliance. While tax compliance involves on lodging your tax return […]

Working From Home Tax Deductions Explained

The rise of remote working has seen more and more employees switch to working from home. For many Aussie tax payers, this opens up an entire new realm of home office tax deductions. At National Accounts, we’re your trusted tax specialists, here to ensure you’re not paying more tax than you need to. We’ve rounded […]